Abbotsford Cycles' Essential E-Bike Service is your electric bike's 'annual check-up'

Schedule an Essential E-Bike Service for your Bosch or Shimano powered electric bike to keep the mechanical & electric components on your bicycle in good working order.


What do we do in an Essential E-Bike Service?

Electric bike specific maintenance including:

  • Check & clean speed sensor & magnet
  • Check, clean & grease electrical connections
  • Remove motor cover, clean & torque bolts
  • Diagnostic error check (for Bosch & Shimano systems)
  • Software update (for Bosch & Shimano systems)
  • Provide Service Report (for Bosch & Shimano systems)

As well as everything we do in an Essential service for an analogue bicycle including:

  • Clean, lubricate and adjust derailleurs
  • Clean and lubricate the chain
  • Lubricate brake and gear cables
  • Adjust brakes and gears
  • True wheels in the bicycle
  • Grease the front hub
  • Clean braking surface of rims/rotors
  • Clean faces of brake blocks
  • Wipe down the frame & clean dirt from bearings
  • Tighten mudguards, racks, lights and any other fittings
  • Inflate tyres to correct pressure
What do we check and advise upon?
  • Inspect bicycle for potential problems, ie frame/fork alignment
  • Check for play in bottom bracket, headset and hub bearings
  • Check operation of suspension forks
  • Check pedals for wear
  • Inspect tyres for wear, cuts and glass
  • Check both seat post and head stem (quill) will move in frame and fork
  • Advise on necessary upgrades or helpful accessories
  • Advise of safety issues
What does it cost?

The cost of an Essential E-Bike Service is $235 inc GST. Additional labour/parts are provided at an additional cost. Abbotsford Cycles will provide a quote prior to starting the work, usually when the bicycle is brought in. We will contact you for your approval where additional costs more than $20 above quote are identified as the work proceeds. You can prearrange a limit on costs.

How long will we need your bicycle?

Our booking system is based on completing the work and returning the bicycle to you by 5pm on the specified day.

If an unforeseen issue arises, you will be alerted about the problem and proposed solutions, and new expected pickup time/day.

A mechanic is shown working on a bicycle in for an Essential E-Bike Service at Abbotsford Cycles