Does your bike need a little more love than our Essential service?

The drivetrain is what cops the biggest beating on your bike. Whether it’s time for new parts or they just need a thorough cleaning, the Comprehensive Service is for you.


What we do in an Comprehensive Service?

Everything in the Essential service plus;

  • Remove, degrease and re-lubricate drivetrain or replace
  • service bottom bracket
  • service headset
  • detail bicycle
  • true wheels
What does it cost?

The cost of a Comprehensive Service is $250 inc GST. Additional labour/parts are provided at an additional cost. Abbotsford Cycles will provide a quote that prior to starting the work, usually when the bicycle is brought in. We will contact you for your approval where additional costs more than $20 above quote are identified as the work proceeds.

How long will we need your bicycle?

Our booking system is based on completing the work and returning the bicycle to you by 5pm on the specified day.

If an unforeseen issue arises, the team at Abbotsford Cycles will alert you to the nature of the problem, propose solutions, and negotiate a new expected pickup time/day.

An Aero bicycle is shown in a workstand in the workshop having a Comprehensive Service performed on it