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Major Overhaul

For those bicycles that worked super hard and need some extra attention. This is the highest level of servicing we offer and is guaranteed to get your tired bicycle feeling like new (or almost!)


What we do in an Abbotsford Cycles Overhaul?

Remove the wheels, chain, derailleurs, cranks, bottom bracket and forks.
Remove, inspect and lube head bearings.
Degrease and relubricate drive train (degreasing is carried out in an environmentally friendly parts washer)
Remove and inspect bottom bracket and clean and grease bottom bracket shell and threads
Disassemble and inspect wheel hubs, clean and grease and fit new bearings/cones as necessary.
Remove seatpost and headstem (quill) from frame and fork, clean and grease insertion areas as necessary.
Torque bolts using digital torque tools
Lube brake and gear cables (most likely replace with new)
Adjust brakes and gears (advise on recommended brake bleed)
True both wheels
Clean braking surface of rims/rotors
Clean faces of brake blocks
Frame wipe down and polish
Tighten mudguards, racks, lights and any other fittings
Inflate tyres to correct pressure

What do we check and advise upon?

Inspect bicycle for potential problems i.e. frame/fork alignment
Check operation of suspension forks and advise on further maintenance/repairs
Check pedals
Inspect tyres for wear, cuts and glass slivers
Advise on any necessary upgrades or helpful accessories
Advise of any safety issues

What does it cost?

The cost of an overhaul is $275 (inc GST). Parts required are an additional charge.

Abbotsford Cycles will provide a quote prior to starting the work, usually when the bicycle is brought in. We will contact you for your approval if additional costs more than $20 above the quote are identified as the job proceeds.

How long will we need your bicycle?

Our booking system is based on completing the work and returning the bicycle to you by 5pm on the specified day.

If an unforeseen issue arises, the team at Abbotsford Cycles will alert you to the nature of the problem, propose solutions, and negotiate a new expected pickup time/day.

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