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B+M Cycle Star 80 Mirror

903 / 903/1 / 903/2 / 903/3

B+M Cycle Star 80 Mirror

903 / 903/1 / 903/2 / 903/3

80mm convex mirror with wide field of vision Extremely adjustable / fold-up design Comes with both clamp and bar end fitting for assembly on or in handlebar


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The "Big Brother" of the CYCLE STAR

The CYCLE STAR 80 is the "big brother" of the CYCLE STAR. With a mirror diametre of 80 mm mirrorglas he provides more than 75% bigger field of vision.

Approved for mounting on a Speed Pedelec in Switzerland. 


CYCLE STAR 80 Typ 903

  • big field of view
  • safe assembly on all handle bar
  • Universal fastening system
  • for handlebar end assembly 17,2 - 22 mm
  • Folds in
  • Extremely adjustable
  • rust resistant materials
  • Shatter protection
  • mirror glas minimizing  

Cyclestar Typ 903/1

  • mirror comparable to 901, but with short mirror bar
    (inclusive handlebar end assembly)
  • longer mirror bar: about  6,5 cm

Cyclestar Typ 903/2

  • mirror comparable to 903, without mirror bar
    (only with handlebar end assembly)
  • Please note: this mirror is because of the missing mirror bar only for the montage on a adequate curved handlebar, apart from that a rearward view is not warranted.

Cyclestar Typ 903/3 

  • mirror comparable to 903, but with a short curved mirror bar
    (inclusive handlebar end assembly)
  • Length mirror bar: about 5 cm
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